a traveling maker

Upon moving to Guam in 2014 I started a business called Love From Guam, it featured photographs I took around the island. From those photographs I created bags, jewelry, postcards, greeting cards, dive logs, wall art and more. Eventually, I started hand stamping jewelry too. The business flourished, but I knew it would have to end when we left Guam. Brainstorming went into overdrive mode!

Here & There started in January of 2017. I figured that I didn't have to start over again, I could rebrand! Go in a new direction, but with my same passions. I hope you enjoy it!

The jewelry you see on my page is all handmade. I use a combination of hand stamping, sand collecting, glacier silt, shells and gemstones.

My background: I am a graduate of the University of Iowa. Used my college years to study photography and the book arts (letterpress printing, bookbinding, box making!)...hence why I love metal stamping! It reminds me of printing!

My family currently lives in Alaska. :)

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